Surgery and Sports Medicine

With our experienced and board certified surgeons as well as advanced anesthetic capabilities and surgical equipment we offer complete surgical care for routine surgeries such as castration as well as advanced surgeries for colic, lameness, and airway disease. Our surgeons are experienced in arthroscopy, laparoscopy, as well as internal fixation.      

Sports medicine and the equine athlete are passions of all of our surgeons and they are dedicated to helping clients with complex and challenging lameness or poor performance problems in their horses. Services include lameness evaluation, prepurchase examination, diagnostic nerve and joint blocks, computed radiography, digital ultrasound, shockwave therapy, scintigraphy, MRI, platelet rich plasma, Tildren, stem cell therapy, rehabilitation programs and corrective shoeing.



Stuart Shoemaker DVM, DACVS
Billy Maupin DVM
Peter Knox DVM, DACVS
Kevin Wahl DVM

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