Services Provided

Idaho Equine Hospital is an all encompassing equine practice that provides complete veterinary services to your horse with access to our hospital as well as ambulatory services on your farm. We have board-certified and experienced doctors in surgery and sports medicine, internal medicine and critical care, reproductive services  as well as advanced diagnostic capabilities.

Emergency Care:
We offer emergency care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We have veterinarians on site at all times at the hospital and can also provide care on the farm when needed. We are equipped to deal with any type of emergency including injuries and lacerations, foaling problems, ill horses, and emergency colic surgery.

Advanced Diagnostics:
We offer a full range of advanced diagnostic capabilities including computed radiography, digital ultrasound, endoscopy, gastroscopy, nuclear scintigraphy, and access to MRI through MREquine's mobile MRI service.

Around the Clock Care:

Critical cases often need around the clock care. We are staffed 24 hours a day for surgical and medical care at our hospital. 

Specialized and Advanced Therapeutic Options:
We offer the latest therapy options including platelet rich plasma (PRP), Tildren therapy, Stem Cell Therapy, shockwave and P3 treatments.

Access to Board Certified Specialists: 
We have Board Certified Surgeons and an Internal Medicine Specialists on staff. We have available a Board Certified Ophthalmologist as well as a Dermatologist that will evaluate cases at our hospital as needed.

Horse Health & Vaccinations:

Routine care is essential for maintaining your horse's health and avoiding the cost of treating preventable conditions.  Vaccinations, annual physical exams, good dental care, evaluation of nutrition, deworming protocols, foot care and the horse's stabling, and routine bloodwork can all be important components of a good preventative program. 


Good oral health is just as important for your horse as it is for you! Problems with teeth can result in poor performance in the bit, dropped feed, weight loss, and other issues. At Idaho Equine Hospital we offer a full range of dental services, including oral and dental exams, floating, radiographs, and extractions. 100% of our dental care is provided by licensed veterinarians.       

Lab Procedures:

We have on-site laboratory equipment allowing us to get results on common blood tests such as complete blood counts and comprehensive chemistries within 15 minutes. This allows us to provide more rapid diagnoses and directed, appropriate therapy the day of your visit. We have an extensive network of outside laboratories as well to get more specialized testing performed, usually within a few working days.

Cash, check and all major credit cards except for American Express accepted for payment. We also offer Care Credit.

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