Internal Medicine and Critical Care

We know that there is nothing worse than having a sick horse. While some illnesses can be easy to identify based on outward signs, such as respiratory disease or diarrhea, many times we are faced with a horse that "is just not right." These challenging medical cases often require astute detective work to get to the root of the problem. Like an episode of House you want a well trained diagnostician on your side with an extensive amount of experience as well as an advanced knowledge of diagnostic testing capabilities and limitations to be able to arrive at a correct diagnosis. Dr Liz Scott and Dr Robin Knight bring all of these qualities to every case that they see. The medicine staff is unparalleled for providing compassionate and exemplary nursing care to what are often our most critical cases in the hospital. 

Our diagnostic capabilities include endoscopy, gastroscopy, EKG, digital ultrasound, and computed radiography. Targeted diagnostics as well as our on-site laboratory allow us to obtain a more rapid, accurate diagnosis from which we formulate our therapeutic plan. 24 hour care is available for critical care cases and neonatal care. Our medicine service handles all types of medical cases including respiratory disease, ophthalmic disorders and injuries, gastrointestinal disease and internal organ dysfunction.


Liz Scott DVM

24 Hour Emergency Sevice (208)466-4613