While we firmly believe that our greatest assets are the minds and collective experience of our veterinarians, our facilities and equipment greatly increase our ability to accurately diagnose your horse's ailment. From access to state of the art diagnostics to round-the-clock care in our hospital setting we can provide your horse with any level of care required to get them back to health and soundness. 



Our hospital is conveniently located immediately adjacent to the Idaho Horse Park at 16080 Equine Drive in Nampa, Idaho. Built in 1998, our hospital won the Veterinary Economics Hospital Design Competition Merit Award in 1999. It includes our main hospital, separate medicine and surgery barns, a separate dental and farrier barn, as well as an 80' by 160' coverall that houses our reproductive facilities and indoor riding area to allow us to evaluate horses for soundness in all types of weather.


Ambulatory Capabilities:

We have 3 fully stocked ambulatory vehicles to address problems you may have on the farm. Horses with issues that can not be fully resolved on the farm can be referred into the hospital as needed.


Surgical Suite:

We have a surgical suite for performing all types of surgey as well as all the necessary equipment for arthroscopy, laparoscopy, as well as internal fracture repair.

Exam Area:

We have two separate exam areas with 3 sets of stocks for examining your horse inside the hospital as well as a separate dental and farrier barn to ensure the safest possible environment for evaluation and treatment of your horse.

Hospital Stalls:

We have both inside and outside stalls constructed of either cinder block and/or Noble panels to provide a safe environment while your horse is hospitalized.

Reproductive area:

We have a designated reproductive area for performing semen collection, analysis and freezing as well as embryo transfer procedures.

Advanced Diagnositic Capablilities:

Our hospital has both 1M and 3M endoscopes, digital ultrasound, computed radiography, nuclear scintigraphy, as well as access to a mobile MRI unit.

Designated regenerative medicine lab:

We have an on site lab that allows us to produce products such as  Platelet Rich Plasma, IRAP, and Mesenchemal Stem Cells for regenerative therapies for your horse.

24 Hour Emergency Sevice (208)466-4613