About Us

The roots of the Idaho Equine Hospital run deep into the history of Idaho's Treasure Valley. Established in 1946, Idaho Equine Hospital has developed into one of the most advanced, privately owned equine care facilities in the northwest.

Each and every one of our veterinarians chose this profession because we are truly passionate about helping the horse, and our belief has always been that therapy is more effective with an accurate diagnosis. Our team approach allows collaboration between our various specialists to make sure that we do our best to accurately diagnose your horse. While often viewed as a "last resort" for horses that have previously been unresponsive to therapy or simply an emergency clinic, our scope is actually much greater. Our experienced staff can handle any problem big or small.

We offer a full range of preventative care including dentistry, vaccinations, and annual health exams at competitive rates. All of our staff are horse owners and enthusiasts. We understand that everyone needs to have options when it comes to caring for their horse. We will always offer you not only an experienced veterinarian's opinion but a range of diagnostic and therapeutic options at various price points.

24 Hour Emergency Sevice (208)466-4613